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Vitality Family Medical Group team image of Cris Garza, Omar Longoria, & Sarah Adkins

A Letter to our patients: Primary Care that understands your needs.

At Vitality Family Medical Group, our Advanced Practice Providers are deeply rooted in the South Texas community we serve. We understand the region and its people because we are part of it, living as neighbors, sharing the same culture, food, schools, and family backgrounds.

Having overcome financial and social challenges growing up in the Rio Grande Valley, we are driven by the desire to uplift our communities through passion and grit. We put ourselves through nursing school and advanced education, fueled by the dream of creating positive change. We hope to harness this same energy by keeping you healthy so that you may also create positive change and represent our community wherever you go.

As nurse practitioners, we bring a unique perspective to every patient interaction. Our familiarity with regional norms removes barriers, while our upbringings keep us grounded. We recognize that health equity requires understanding the people and neighborhoods behind statistics.

This is our home and our calling. We are dedicated to addressing gaps for the uninsured, providing resources for vulnerable groups, and meeting the needs of hard-working families. Our mission is clear: to transform the well-being of those facing significant obstacles, one compassionate partnership at a time.

With gratitude and care, 

Vitality Family Medical Group (Team)


We are deemed competent by the following accredited institutions.

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Accreditations - Vitality Family Medical Group - A
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